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Nano-Gro™ (Agro Nanotechnology Corporation) was founded around the principles of optimization and innovation. We believe that the agricultural industry has yet to realize its enormous potential naturally. 

The company’s primary focus is its flagship product, Nano-Gro™,  a revolutionary crop enhancer that uses a new approach to crop enhancement and plant health. This approach is time tested in increasing crop yields, speed up growth cycle, improve product quality and boost plant immunity to disease and extreme weather conditions.  The approach has been implemented in diverse crop varieties and geographical settings producing growth increases unprecedented levels in the industry.  The fundamental, underlying concept of Nano-Gro™ is at the core of the Nano-Gro™ product and its success.

Nano-Gro™ is committed to the continuous development of its proprietary Nano-Gro™ and is currently investigating its broader applications, including the impact of the product on bio-fuel and bio-diesel production.  Using cutting edge Nano-Gro™ we are changing the way the agricultural world grows its produce, thereby creating a new benchmark in quality and growth.


Agronomist with farmer looking at wheat earsNano-Gro™ is a product that has been long in the making.  Over a decade ago our research team conceived what is today one of the most powerful crop growth regulators in the industry. Able to improve yields at unprecedented rates while encouraging more vigorous, healthier plants, few other products compare. Even fewer alternatives are certified organic and safe to use without any restrictions

The proprietary formula employed today was selected as a result of a rigorous sampling process. The propriety formula employed today was selected as a result of a rigorous sampling process.  After testing over 500 solutions in a myriad of concentrations, only one solution was selected by our research team.  The packaged  product is a combination of carefully selected elements in nano-mol (10-9 mol) concentration that was optimized to deliver the extraordinary results we’ve come to expect from Nano-Gro™.



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