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Mechanism Of Effect On Plants And Organisms

NANO-GRO™ is patented nanotechnology formula that turns plant amazing self-defense mechanism – ON!

Plants have very resilient self defense mechanisms. This mechanism initiates powerful responses (on a cellular and structural level) when plant senses incoming stress. These self-preservation mechanisms were created to give plants a fighting chance to survive in the face of adversity.

When “engaged” plants naturally maximize performance in almost every aspect to ensure the survival of the species.

Nano-Gro™ nanotechnology has discovered how to engage these mechanisms naturally to get the best results plants can naturally provide. The results include:

  1. Faster Emergence
  2. More Robust Plant Structures
  3. More, Larger Leaves Per Plant
  4. Larger Roots Systems
  5. Maximization Of Crops Per Stem
  6. Natural Resistance To Many Diseases
  7. Increased Sugar/Protein Content

How Powerful Is NANO-GRO ™?

The active ingredients in Nano-Gro™ come package in coded sugar pellets less than ⅛” in diameter. These pellets are dissolved in ordinary tap water to create a powerful working solution. Just one pellet is capable of treating 42 kg of wheat seeds or 33 tomato plants. At this rate, one kilo of Nano-Gro™ can be used on enough seeds to plant 3,333 hectares (8,236 acres) of wheat or almost 700,000 tomato plants!

Nano-Gro™ is a messenger. It is designed to use a plant’s chemical communication pathways that have developed as a result of natural plant adaptation to transmit highly important messages.

When the Nano-Gro™ solution is introduced to the plant via the roots or the seed, the plant becomes convinced that it will undergo stress. This awareness triggers specific genes that cause the plant to improve fertility in an attempt to preserve itself and the species. The process activates and produces positive changes in the number and size of fruit produced as well as its protein and sugar content. In a secondary response, the plant intensifies its immunological response and becomes resistant to many diseases.

The genius of Nano-Gro™ is that it takes advantage of a plant’s existing compensation mechanisms to motive the plant to maximize its potential. These compensation mechanisms are dormant as long as environmental conditions such as weather, disease and other stressors do not deviate from a narrow band that varies from plant to plant. As Chart 1 below demonstrates, when these conditions are within acceptable ranges, actual plant production matches the expected production.


Charts 1.fw









If stressors we’ve mention, singly or collectively, begin to overwhelm the plant, the plant reacts by activating specific genes responsible for initiating processes within the plant that will help it survive the stress and increase its fertility to ensure the preservation of the species as a whole. If the stress is continuous, Chart 2 how the actual product of the plant suffers and delivers less than expected. Continued stress may even destroy the plant completely.

Only The Illusion Of Stress

When a plant is treated with Nano-Gro™ it believes it will undergo stress and express the appropriate genes required to cope. However, the formula was developed to create the illusion of stress. Because Nano-Gro™ is simply a carrier of information, it does not actually create the stress perceived by the plant and in the absence of actual stress the plant produces yields above the expected level, as it is represented in Chart 3.

Enhanced fertility and the instinct of self-preservation greatly enhance the productivity, quality and reliability of a crop. This translates into an improvement to three major areas of production:

Charts 2


To some industries it is also important to know that Nano-Gro™ treated plants grow and yield more uniformly. As specimens are being pushed to the limits of their growth they tend to reach similar maximum levels in terms of their biomass, stature and produce. Whether it’s farming equipment, processing or packaging machinery, the uniformity of the consumables is a highly desired trait.

Whatever your production needs are or the scale of operation you are running Nano-Gro™ will improve the way you produce. Most importantly, these benefits are produced without harming your plants or the soil. In fact, as an organic product fully certified by the Organic Materials Research Institute, Nano-Gro™ is safe enough to be used by organic as well as non-organic producers.

One of the key characteristics affecting the efficacy of the Nano-Gro™ preparation is the nanotechnology at the foundation of our product. The ingredients of Nano-Gro™ exist in the product only on a nanomolecular level (one molecule per 0.5 gram of product), as will be explained further below.

The following table is a compilation of the ingredients of Nano-Gro™ along with their respective weight and concentration per each pellet:

Each Pellet Of Nano-Gro™ Contains

Ferrous Sulfide (Fe) 1 molecule
0.143 (1/7th)of a Nanogram (1 billionth of a gram)
1.43×10-11 grams, 2.48×10-9 % of one pellet
Cobalt Sulfate (Co) 1 molecule
0.143 (1/7th)of a Nanogram (1 billionth of a gram)
1.43×10-11 grams, 2.48×10-9 % of one pellet
Aluminum Sulfate (Al) 1 molecule
0.143 (1/7th)of a Nanogram (1 billionth of a gram)
1.43×10-11 grams, 2.48×10-9 % of one pellet
Nickel Sulfate (Ni) 1 molecule
0.143 (1/7th)of a Nanogram (1 billionth of a gram)
1.43×10-11 grams, 2.48×10-9 % of one pellet
Manganese Sulfate (Mn) 1 molecule
0.143 (1/7th)of a Nanogram (1 billionth of a gram)
1.43×10-11 grams, 2.48×10-9 % of one pellet
 Magnesium Sulfate (Mg) 1 molecule
0.143 (1/7th)of a Nanogram (1 billionth of a gram)
1.43×10-11 grams, 2.48×10-9 % of one pellet
 Silver  Sulfate (Ag) 1 molecule
0.143 (1/7th)of a Nanogram (1 billionth of a gram)
1.43×10-11 grams, 2.48×10-9 % of one pellet
 Pharmaceutical Grade Sugar  .499999999 grams 99.99999998012 % of one pellet

The exact content of each of the sulfate ingredients found in Nano-Gro™ (except for the sugar) is less than one molecule per pellet (0.5g) of Nano-Gro™. In essence, the presence of the sulfates in Nano-Gro™ is so small that it cannot even be measured by any scientific instruments or methods.

Understanding the product isn’t difficult, getting it to work for you isn’t either. One of the most appealing qualities of Nano-Gro™ is how easy it is to use. Nano-Gro™ can be applied in several different ways depending on the crop grown and the crop management program involved. Because the product is designed to work upon contact with specific parts of a plant, its application can be customized to be as cost-efficient as possible.

Generally, applying the product is as easy as soaking the seeds of the target plant in a solution made by dissolving the Nano-Gro™ pellets in tap water or by applying this solution to rooted plants. Nano-Gro™ can even be mixed in with almost all fertilizers or pesticides to save on water and labor.

Effect Of Nano-Gro™ On Pre-Planting Treatment Of Different Crop In Field Trials

Fall Wheat 40.0 52.0 +30%
Spring Wheat 20.1 31.0 +54%
Fall Barley 22.2 35.5 +59%
Pea 33.3 44.0 +32%
Soy 35.0 44.4 +26%
Sugar beets 474 592 +24%
Maize 44.7 57.6 +28%
Oats 33.0 41.0 +24%
Sunflower 21.7 28.2 +30%

Various Nano-Gro™ Comparisons 


Major Ecosystem Benefits Of Nano-Gro™ Use In Agriculture and Gardens


Is It Tested?

Nano-Gro™ was tested in USA, Israel, European Union countries, China, Moldova, Ukraine and Northern Russia on cereal crops and vegetables with successful results in each test (15-60% yield increase). Also it was tested as Plant Medicine against fungi  and viruses like Fusarium blight, Botrytis cineria, Citrus canker etc. with results that show immune system booster properties of Nano-Gro™. Results obtained by a cigar company in New York, USA when using Nano-Gro™ on their tobacco plants showed an unexampled 100% increase in the size and quantity of the treated tobacco plants over and above the control group.

CLICK TO VIEWOMRI Certificate 2015-2016

The Nano-Gro™ product has been certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) in the UNITED STATES and is classified as completely non-toxic  homeopathic preparations used as crop management tools and production aids.



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